Know how to Adjust Brightness on your Windows 10

Are you looking for ways to increase or decrease your display brightness on your Windows 10? Well, you can adjust your brightness for your PC, laptop or tablet in many different ways. Windows 10 provides its users with a variety of options to fine-tune their display screen according to the needs of the user.   You can increase, decrease or enable dynamic lighting as per your requirements.

Here you can find some easy measures to fine-tune your display to a certain level where your eyes don’t hurt. If you work for long hours on your device it’s better to customize the brightness settings of your display to have a soothing display and relaxed environment without stressing your precious eyes. If you want to customize your brightness settings you can refer the below-given methods.

Adjusting Brightness on Windows 10

Follow the given steps to increase or decrease the brightness of your display screen.  And if you wish to change the settings again fallow the same steps to achieve your desired result.

  1. Go to the “Notification” icon which is at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  2. Access the “Action Center” from the notification window.
  3. From the Action centre, you will spot a sun-shaped symbol. This symbol can be used to regulate the brightness of your screen. Ranging from 0% (Dullest) to 100% (Brightest).
  4. While pointing your mouse on the brightness button, right-click on it and select “Go to Settings” option.
  5. By hitting on the Go to settings, you will be redirected to the Windows 10 brightness settings panel where you can manipulate the brightness by dragging left or right on the horizontal line. You can observe the change in brightness simultaneously while dragging the button.

Windows 10 dynamic Brightness Settings

If you travel a lot or work in different lighting conditions on regular basis, you should opt for the “Change brightness automatically when lighting changes” option which you can spot on the Brightness settings panel. By enabling this feature, your device will use the inbuilt webcam to determine the lighting of your soundings and adjust the brightness of the screen accordingly.

It can be possible that you might work on your tablet or laptop in your bedroom at the night time, if you have enabled the dynamic brightness, your device will automatically dim the brightness on your screen similarly if you are outdoors the brightness would increase to make the display visible. Although if you feel like changing the settings according to you, that is also possible to do by disabling this feature.

Night Light Settings on Windows 10

Underneath the dynamic button, you can also spot another option of “Nightlight” option in the brightness settings. You can use this feature to reduce the blue light on your device which will reduce the brightness of your device and give a shade of orange. It is seen in many studies that blue light will keep you awake at night due to its constant exposure to the user, he may be unable to relax at night. So to counter this issue, you can enable this feature to sleep at night after using your device quickly.

If you want to enable this feature to sooth the working environment you can follow the steps below.

  1. Choose “Nightlight” option and toggle it to enable it.
  2. Now head to the “Nightlight settings” option and select “Turn on now” to activate this feature for all time use.
  3. Drag the colored bar to determine the blue and orange shade for your screen.

Now choose the timings according to your requirements. You can choose between sunrise and sunset or specify the exact time at which you want this feature to activate automatically.

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