Usher in the Christmas Spirit with Google Home

With technology increasing at such a rapid pace, time has come when it isn’t just the halls that need to be decked for Christmas! Your Google Home device could be the next big thing after your Christmas tree, which will be able to actually spread the Christmas cheer!

With the holiday season around the corner, here are a few Google Home tricks that you must try out this Christmas:


Play Christmassy Music!

Playing music is the most overused Google Home command. But how about using it to play your favorite Christmas music! Google Home can stream music through Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora. All you need to say to trigger the command is say “OK Google, play Christmas music” and all the generic songs that stand for Christmas will be tinkling out of your speakers. If you wish to have a more personalized experience, you can create a custom playlist on your default music player and ask Google Home to play it by referring to its unique playlist title. With a Chromecast, you can even play the music over the television!

Regulate your Christmas Decorations

Smart devices can easily and effectively control your smart homes as per your preference. If you have been procrastinating the purchase of smart lights and such fixtures, then now is a good time as any! Get your hands on a few smart plugs that will be compatible with your Google Home device and you can string up your regular lights powered through these plugs. All you need to say then is “Hey Google, turn on the Christmas lights” and that’s all! Alternatively, you can pair up the lighting up the Christmas tree command with the command for playing music and have them both occur simultaneously!

Track Santa’s Progress

Google’s Santa Tracker allows users to unwind with a list of Christmas-related games and activities. Simply say “Hey Google, where is Santa now?” and you will get the latest updates on Santa. Whether he is sweeping up his workshop or working with the elves – with Google Home, Santa is not the only one keeping an eye on you, you have actually turned it around! Once Christmas Eve rolls in, you can get the live tracking of status of Santa as he travels the world.

Help Santa

In addition to tracking Santa’s movements, you can even drop him a line by saying “Ok Google, call Santa.” Once the line connects, Santa will let you know that he is busy preparing for a live musical concert and the best way for him to play in the concert depends on the answers you give to his series of questions.

Create Your Wish List

With digitization, you can create virtual wish lists that are sent directly to the cherubic man in the red suit. Through Google Home, you can let Santa know what you want as a present for Christmas. Simply use the command, “Hey Google, talk to Santa’s hotline.” Now all you have to do is give Santa your name and whether you have been naughty or nice in the past year. You can then let Santa know what you want for Christmas and Santa will forward it to his elves.

With such amazing features available for Christmas, Google Home appears to be just as excited as any other person as Christmas is about to roll in from right around the corner!

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